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"Who Else Wants To Captivate Their Pre-Schoolers With Fun, Fresh, and Creative Activities That'll Jumpstart Them Light Years Ahead Of The Kindergarten Curve?"

The Best Part: It takes only 5 minutes to prepare!
From the desk of: Mary Robinson
Monday, 11:41 AM

Dear Friend,

If you're a Pre-School Teacher or Parent who wants to deliver unique, fun educational material to your little ones (without spending endless hours preparing for class), then this is the most important letter you'll ever read.

Here's why:

There's finally a quick and easy way to create stunningly effective preschool lessons in less time than it takes to make your morning cup of coffee.... even if you're a complete newbie with no educating experience at all.

And if you're an experienced preschool teacher who wants to learn the "real" insider techniques that'll have parents lining up around the block to get onto the waiting list for your class, then this is for you as well.

Every single step... from snacks.... to music... to early math and verbal skills is laid out for you in a groundbreaking new ebook called

"Pre-School Lesson Plans
Made Easy!"

Pre-School Lesson Plans Made Easy is a super-simple quick-start guide that'll show you how to effortlessly combine fun learning with serious academic progress...

In fact, you'll be amazed at how simple it is to create fun-packed, spellbinding lessons that'll have kids chucking their "TJ Beary Tales" into a forgotten corner of their toy chest... and begging for their next activity.

You get 15 themed units, each one containing 5 professionally designed lessons plans.  

That's a total of

75 Step by Step
Pre-School Lesson Plans!

Topics include:
What Pre-School Teachers and Parents Who KNOW Are Saying:

"Educational and FUN!  Love the focus on reasoning skills built into the themed activities. Took only 5 minutes to prepare this morning, giving me more time with the kids!"

- Jessica Rice, Florida

Alot of fun ideas that my daughter just can't wait to do all over again!  I'd recommend this to all the stay at home moms to share with their own children. Thank you Mary!"

- Linda J.

"Gives me more time to get other things together, and then I'm more prepared for that day, and this makes the day so much smoother."

-Jenny, Rolls, MO

A big time saver.  Having this plan has made it easy. We don't have to go searching for ideas. So many great ideas!  My favorite was the dog chow snack idea."

-Anjelika. Crosby, ND

"I usually spend a couple of days searching for different and fun ideas. It was so nice to have it all there and ready to prepare."

-Jennie, California

"You had everything I needed. The guess work was done, all I had to do was teach and find the materials I needed."

-Linda, Springfield, IL

"I like the stuffed animal parade, we use this in our pet unit and it gives them a chance to tie home into school."

-Sarah Brumfield, Port Lavaca, TX

"I would recommend this lesson to other preschool teachers. These ideas are new and fresh and I never thought of some of these things. I let the children make fish plates today!"

-Vivian, Baltimore, MD



Dr. Seuss

Earth Science





Physical Science


Self Esteem

Teddy Bears




"Preschool Lesson Plans Made Easy" uses a "connected learning" approach, linking educational content with experiences that kids know and love...

So your little ones are exposed to language arts, science and technology, mathematics, social studies and the creative arts long before their peers, putting them

Light Years Ahead Of The Kindergarten Curve!

And the best part?

Each lesson plan is completely pre-designed... with minute by minute instructions written in Plain English.  Meaning you only need

5 Minutes of Prep Time!  Not a Second More!

All you have to do is take a few minutes before class to look over the lesson of the day, pull together your materials and you're ready to rock.

So you can stop racking your brain to come up with creative ideas week-in and week-out, and start focusing on the individual needs of your kids.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg.  Take a look at some of the secrets you'll discover in this one-of-a-kind reference:

  • How to use "Circle Time" to give kids a structured environment where they can share thoughts and ideas with their peers (this activity is CRITICAL for interpersonal and social skills development)
  • During Earth Science week introduce your students to the wonders of the Amazon River with the "Expedition Game".
  • Kids learn best when they actively participate in games and discussion.  I'll reveal 20 proven tactics that'll have even the SLEEPIEST child shooting his hand up like a rocket to answer every question that leaves your lips
  • Fun, simple (and affordable) craft activities perfect for ages 2-5
  • Teach your kids "Animal Math" during your Pet unit. You're kids will be the center of attention at dinner quizzing their parents on their "Animal Math".
  • 4 mega-valuable tips to help ease a child from a home environment to a school environment
  • A craft, a snack, and a teaching tool all in one!?  Learn about this amazing multi-tasker on page 24.  Best part- you already have these 3 supplies in your cupboard!
  • Daily music time to encourage movement, creative expression, rhythm, coordination, and listening skills (I'll give you the complete song lyrics, actions, and tips for teaching these songs to children)
  • Open your student's eyes to what it means to make healthy food choices with the "Which is More" game. (shhhh, don't tell - they also work on their math skills with this one)
  • 15 fun activities that will teach your student's enough geography that they could stump the high school kids
  • Your students will never get their numbers confused after they go "Bowling for Numbers".
  • A child’s world isn’t neatly divided into science, math, and social-emotional competencies.  These lesson plans use multidisciplinary learning activities to introduce your students to education from a broad, real-world perspective
  • Over 30 Blockbuster craft ideas under $.30 per child!
  • Play the "Unique in the Universe" game when you think one of your student's self esteem is lagging.  15 minutes of this game will give all your student's a needed burst of pride and courage.
  • Daily snack time suggestions featuring fun, healthy, and TASTY foods your kids will love (best part: the snacks are tied into your weekly educational theme)
  • Creative ideas that make you look like a seasoned pro... even if you're a total newbie! (Parents will think you've spent hours planning and organizing, when you actually spent minutes!)
  • Step-by-Step instructions for every part of your preschool day (everything is spelled out in super-specific detail... so you're never on your own)
  • Don't stop learning during snack!  Your new fossil cookie game will make snack time a fun educational experience.
  • Student's will love to show off their measuring skills after you make "Teddy Bear Rosters" during the Teddy Bear Unit. 
  • Jumpstart your students' education with reasoning and thinking exercises woven right into each daily plan (it's like giving your kids an "unfair advantage"!)
  • Wow your students with the concept of buoyancy during the "Submarine Sink".
  • Fast-track your kids for kindergarten -- they'll master their alphabet and the concept of symmetry during day 2 of the Alphabet unit!
  • Using "connected learning" and allowing opportunities for demonstration in each lesson plan helps children stay eager to learn more!
  • Daily Story Time activities!  You'll get discussion questions, tips and strategies to help you instill your kids with a lifetime love for reading.
  • 5 original, never-done-before Circle Time activities to bring out even the shyest of children!
  • How to make your weekly themes come alive for each child, so that your entire class is COMPLETELY engaged throughout the entire day!
  • Crafts that will knock the socks off your preschool peers…they’ll think you were up all night preparing! (you don’t have to tell them it only took a few seconds)
  • How to turn everyday items in your pocket or purse into powerful teaching tools (this little-known tip may surprise you!)
  • How to use the "Lily Pad Launch" to refocus the kids and get their attention
  • With the "Dress for Success" challenge during the Season Unit, your students will discover how climates and seasons impact what we wear.
  • 7 "early-starter"  tips to help kids develop self-esteem
  • 60 Delicious, simple and fun snack recipes – simple, easy to prepare and ready to serve!

And much, much more....

You'll have a virtual encyclopedia of Preschool know-how, pre-planned activities and lessons at your fingertips... and it's all written in step by step, easy to understand language so it's a breeze to start using it right away (tomorrow even!)

And what's really exciting is that

You Can Be Reading It 90 Seconds From Now!

In the past, others have paid $49.95 (plus a hefty shipping and handling fee) to get the "physical" version of these lesson plans.  And even then... it was a great bargain.

But as part of our first ever "Introductory Internet Offer", you can get it today for only $34.68.

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And it keeps getting better.  "Pre-School Lesson Plans Made Easy" is a downloadable ebook.  So as soon as you place your secure order, you'll have INSTANT access to it.

You won't wait weeks on end for the mailman to show up, and you don't have to pay any shipping and handling charge (that's another $6.00 savings right there!).

$34.68 is peanuts compared to what others have paid.... especially when you consider the time you'll save.

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But it doesn't stop there.  If your order today...

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  11 Holiday Lesson Plans!

Eleven completely new Pre-school lesson plans... each one designed to delight your students with stories, crafts, activities, and games to celebrate our favorite holidays.

You'll get lessons for:

Thanksgiving Hanukkah New Year's
Christmas Easter Memorial Day
Valentine's Day Passover Father's Day
Mother's Day 4th of July

This mega-valuable resource could sell on its own for at least $29.95.  But if you order today, it's yours absolutely free!

  12 MORE Themed Lessons...
One For Each Month Of The Year!

Keep things fresh, fun and original with a Monthly "Themed" lesson.  Whenever you need a shot of creativity, just unveil one of these and watch the children's eyes grow wide with excitement!

From January's "polar bear family excursion"... to May's "Cinco de Mayo" adventure... to making ice cream "cone-acopias" in November... you'll have a mountain of creative, inexpensive, and educational activities to use throughout the year.

The Themed lessons are easily worth at least $25, but they're yours for no charge if you order right now!

  Lifetime Updates!

As part of this Introductory Internet Offer, you’ll get access to unlimited “Preschool Lesson Plans Made Easy” updates.  That’s right, updated versions of lessons, additional ideas, crafts, etc. will all be sent directly to your inbox.  FREE!  

You'll have all the latest information and ideas sent straight to you before anyone else. Easily a $99 value, but yours free if you order today.

That's right.  Over $154 worth of bonuses absolutely free, but only when you order right now!

Still not convinced?

I have more good news for you...

I'm so confident that you'll love "Pre-School Lesson Plans Made Easy", that I'm giving you this outrageous guarantee:


Here's how this works:  I want you to take a full 60 days to try out these Lesson Plans with your students.  If at ANY time during your "trial period" your not 100% blown away with the results you're seeing

You'll Get a 100%
No Hassle Refund!

But all the Lesson Plans are yours to keep no matter what!

There are no if's, and's, or but's about it!

If my "Pre-School Lesson Plans Made Easy" doesn't save you massive amounts of preparation time AND produce the most fun educational experience your students have EVER had, just send me an email and I'll give you a complete refund with no questions asked.

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Wouldn't it be great if everything came with this kind of guarantee?

With my "No-Hassle" guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to risk... and everything to gain!  

I know you'll be thrilled with "Pre School Lesson Plans Made Easy", and I know your kids will love it too.

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Mary Robinson

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